SECRET SWOT                                                               

From left to right: Kahlo, Gaugin, Rodin, Modigliani, Fra Angelico

A snapshot of every painting in the New York Museum of Modern Art


1.  Glue matchsticks onto black A4 card in the shape of a tree.

2.  Use the idea of symmetry from maths to cut symmetrical leaves of different sizes. (Fold sheets of green card into different widths and cut half a leaf shape from the closed side of the sheet to get symmetrical leaves.)

3.  Dip the tips of the leaves into glue and position around the branches. By only gluing a piece of the leaves gives a 3-D look to the picture.

4.  Cut out grass shape and glue along the bottom of the picture.


1.  Use different colours for the leaves to show trees in different seasons.

2.  Show some leaves falling from the trees to show Autumn trees.

3.  Think up of other pictures that can be displayed using the matchstick and paper idea. E.g. flowers, animals etc.